I really appreciate the way Mother Siluana perceived the world

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When I was asked to write a few words about Mother Siluana, one word popped into my head and stuck with me: normal. Although I’ve joked with friends that being “normal” may be perceived as being “boring,” in this case, I absolutely mean it in a positive, endearing way. I really appreciate the way Mother Siluana perceived the world. When answering questions or giving advice, she was very direct and candid, but in a warm and loving way. I get the sense that she was a free spirit. Although she was a nun, typically a very serious role in the church, she was not afraid to crack a joke. Along with the lightheartedness, it’s easy to see that she put a lot of thought into her words, and cared for the person on the other end. Although the majority of topics she discussed are deeply religious and sometimes philosophical, she explained profound concepts simply, in a way that many could understand. You do not need a PhD to grasp Mother Siluana’s teachings, just a brain to read or listen. Although I never had the honor of meeting her, absorbing Mother Siluana’s teachings feels like listening to someone I know – I trust her, and enjoy reflecting on her words.





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